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MixPlaces isn't your average photo app, which is why customers love us. Like us too? Want extra income? Join our Affiliate Program and earn commissions on our products by recommending them. It's that easy.

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MixPlaces creates memories that touch all five senses. With the power of data our platform transforms a photo book or piece of wall art into a journey through time. Couples see the stars as they were on their wedding day, families feel the grass at the where their child took their first steps, and travelers smell and hear the sights and sounds of faraway lands. Be a part of something groundbreaking with our industry's top affiliate program.


We Have Higher Commissions Than the Industry Average

Because we’re innovators and industry disruptors, our affiliates are integral to our mission. So we reward them with the highest commissions possible. It’s all thanks to a program that looks out for its partners and a product that puts quality first. Moreover, MixPlaces products sell and sell out fast, so you'll have a dedicated affiliate team to help you with content, banners, unique URL tracking, and everything else you'll need to succeed.


We Give Commissions for sales on any channel or Device

With the MixPlaces affiliate program, you can earn commission anywhere. Promote our unique brand in a way that meets your audience's needs, whether through your website or social media, and we’ll compensate you for that referral traffic! Your traffic is valuable, and you have many options for affiliate partners. At MixPlaces, we believe in our mission and want to partner with you, because we know that together we can do great things!


Take A Look At Our Benefits

Our affiliate program is one of the best in the industry. Need more proof? The numbers speak for themselves.

60 Day Cookie

More time to make the sale.
If someone clicks on your link and signs up within 60 days, you get the credit.

$100+ AOV

Products that keep carts full.
With innovative, unique products, our customers buy more than the industry average.

5% - 20%

An industry best conversion rate.
Top products, great prices, and an experienced affiliate team keep our numbers high.

About 350K 

People like you in our community.
Our affiliates stay because we take care of them and give them the tools to succeed.

Monetize your traffic

Join MixPlaces top-rated affiliate program today. Turn your love of people and your go-getter attitude into extra income. You could be earning up to 30% commission on every sale you send us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our knowledge base to learn answers to frequently asked questions.

The MixPlaces Affiliate Program is a way to earn commissions by introducing your customers to MixPlaces. Our Affiliate Program compensates affiliates for each new customer with commissions on any sales channel and offers a 30-day cookie. You can read our affiliate page for more details on our affiliate program.

Signing up for the MixPlaces Affiliate program is easy. Go to one of our preferred affiliate partners, whom we have linked to here on our affiliate page (see above), and fill out a registration form. You'll be able to start promoting MixPlaces products in no time!

After you register and are accepted, you place links to MixPlaces on your Website. Whenever your customers register at MixPlaces through one of these links, and make their first purchase, you will earn a commission. The more people who make their first purchase, the more you’ll get paid! It's that easy!

At MixPlaces we are industry innovators and disruptors, and our goal is to offer some of the highest commissions in the sector. Our dedicated affiliate team will help you with content, banners, unique URL tracking, and everything else you'll need to succeed, putting you on your way to earning commissions up to 30%. Moreover, we give commissions for sales on any channel or device.

MixPlaces has one of the most innovative and exciting photo book and wall art creation apps in the industry today, and we have the affiliate program to match. Our average order value is over $100, we have an industry-best conversion rate, and a community of affiliates that's hundreds of thousands strong. There's no better way to monetize the traffic you already have than with MixPlaces Affiliate program today!

No! There are no costs or no fees to join our affiliate program. The MixPlaces Affiliate program is absolutely free to join! Sign up today and start earning right away! Just complete the application and you will be on your way to earning! 

Yes, when you join our affiliate program you will have all of the support you need. We'll help you with all of the content, banners, unique URL tracking, and everything else you need to attract customers and earn the highest commissions possible.

If you have a website and are able to promote MixPlaces products, you are eligible to join our affiliate program. Our only restriction is that we do not permit affiliates that link to or contain objectionable or offensive materials. Such materials are determined at our sole discretion.