Travel Posters

Travel posters and adventure-inspired keepsakes to spark your memories.
Our First Family Road Trip Poster - Route Map 4 Our First Family Road Trip Poster - Route Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Our Europe Trip Poster - Route Map 5 Our Europe Trip Poster - Route Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Our Bicycle Ride Poster - Route Map 3 Our Bicycle Ride Poster - Route Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Our Mediterranean Coast Trip Poster - Route Map 4 Our Mediterranean Coast Trip Poster - Route Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
International Trip Poster - Route Map 3 International Trip Poster - Route Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Places We Have Been Poster- Street Map 3 Places We Have Been Poster- Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Route 66 Poster - Route Map 2 Route 66 Poster - Route Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Our Family Trip Poster - Street Map 4 Our Family Trip Poster - Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Our First Trip Poster - Street Map 5 Our First Trip Poster - Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Island of Bali Poster - Street Map 2 Island of Bali Poster - Street Map
As Designed $59.99
As Designed $59.99
My First Trip Poster - Street Map 6 My First Trip Poster - Street Map
As Designed $59.99
As Designed $59.99
The Places We Have Been Together Poster 2 The Places We Have Been Together Poster
As Designed $59.99
As Designed $59.99

Map The Details

We employ high-quality map data that displays it all, from rivers to roundabouts.

Make It
Truly Yours

Add your own dates, times, and locations or import your data to create a meaningful, beautiful work of art.

Showcase Your Personality

Change layouts, colors, fonts, and many other elements and create an one-of-a-kind artwork as unique as you.

Customer Reviews

Arturo David G.
Nov 06, 2023

Our home decor got a personal touch with the Mixplaces street map poster. Exceptional quality and a journey on our wall. We're in love with it!

Cover - Street Map - Products images 1 Custom Map
Aurora S.
Mar 07, 2023

My wife LOVED these! I recently proposed to my fiancee, and I bought a series of maps showing where we met, where we had our first date, where we first said I love you and where I proposed. These are the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one!

Cover - Street Map - Products images 1 Custom Map
Anna C.
Mar 03, 2023

I love the finished product. My poster was great. The app was a bit frustrating, but that was more me I think, as I am clumsy with technology. And anyway, customer service was VERY HELPFUL. Especially when I spoke to Donna. It’s a great product that I will defiantly purchase again for my friends.

Cover - Street Map - Products images 1 Custom Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Posters – The Adventures Never Have to End

Traveling is one of the great pleasures of the human existence. From exploring places you’ve never seen to interacting with different cultures and peoples, each trip is a new adventure, whether you’re flying internationally or taking a train from one city to another. And with MixPlaces, those new adventures never have to end.

No matter how grand—or small—your journeys are, they deserve to be remembered. They are, after all, part of the incredible story that makes you the person you are. At MixPlaces, we specialize in making your memories last a lifetime, and no matter how much time goes by, we want you to always have a piece of your adventures with you.

Personalized Travel Posters

Traveling isn't just a luxury, it’s a lifestyle—a necessity for those with an unending curiosity for the world they inhabit. It may be the thrilling rush of walking paths you’ve never traveled, or the privilege of trying foods you didn’t even know existed. It could be the pleasure of meeting new people from different backgrounds, or the absolute awe that takes over when you visit the places you’ve learned about in books.

Whatever your drive is for exploring the Earth, MixPlaces can help you commemorate the important moments in your life, and when you create with us, the possibilities are endless. You can forever remember the little streets and alleys you walked while on nights out in Rome, or the position of the stars when you finally reached the top of Mount Everest. You can bring the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, or the Taj Mahal home with you with our sleek and elegant designs.

Although traveling in itself is a special occasion, here are a few types of trips most definitely worth commemorating:

  • Honeymoon

  • Your first trip with your partner or spouse

  • Your child’s first trip

  • A “bucket list” destination

  • Family vacations

  • Road trips

The paths you choose to travel are up to only you, and here at MixPlaces, we celebrate that creativity, individuality, and lust for life by helping you create one-of-a-kind memorabilia of all the places you love most in this world.

Travel Posters Worth Framing

As a traveler, you more than anyone understand the importance of memories. As a business fueled by the significance of reminiscence, we understand the importance of giving you a customizable and deeply personalized piece of art that envelops the best times of your life.

Whether you want to commemorate the alignment of the cosmos on a special night, the liveliness of excitement-filled streets, the coordinates of a place you hold deep, or even geographically accurate works of art, you can create anything your heart desires with MixPlaces!

Here are a few examples of trips worth remembering:

Type of Trip Examples
Honeymoon Romantic getaway with a partner or spouse
First trip with partner or spouse Celebrating a new chapter in life
Child's first trip Introducing children to new places and cultures
Bucket list destination Achieving a long-held travel goal
Family vacations Spending quality time with loved ones
Road trips Embarking on an adventure on the open road

You may want to cherish a walk down the streets of Paris, or a dinner overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. You may recall cheering for your favorite team in the bleachers of the Astrodome or being blown away by the workmanship of the Hagia Sophia. Whatever it is you love most about exploring this planet’s diverse and beautiful corners, we can help you bring it home with you.

Decorate your walls Colosseum with our Landmark Posters, preserve that hole-in-the-wall restaurant you so loved in Spain with our Coordinates Posters, cling on to the streets you walked daily in Morocco with our Street Maps, or remember your most special night in New York City with our Star Maps.

As a traveler, the world is yours to wander. As an adult with responsibilities, you probably don’t get to wander as much as you’d like. With MixPlaces, you can bring your adventures home in any way you like. You may be limited to keeping your travels bound to this planet, but with our personalized and carefully curated art, you have the freedom to reach for the stars!

Designing Personalized Travel Posters is Easy

You can get all the souvenirs you want wherever you go, but the truth is, no one can create a better souvenir for you than yourself! At MixPlaces, we’re not about selling generic, mass-produced pieces—we’re in the business of individuality and creativity, and all we want is to give you the freedom to create one-of-a-kind art reflective of you and your own story.

Our user interface was made with you in mind. No impossible formatting, hard-to-understand instructions, and certainly no unnecessary noise to cut through. It’s just you, your imagination, and a little bit of our magic. Only with your permission, we take the metadata from your pictures and create breathtaking, original artwork made just for you. All you need to do is choose your poster type, customize its size, shape, color, and design exactly to your liking, and the rest is on us. Bringing your memories to life has never been easier!

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

At MixPlaces, we prioritize our customers and provide them with a variety of options not only during the design process but also regarding materials, formats, sizes, and colors. In addition to customizing the colors of your poster, you can also personalize the color of your frame, with choices ranging from natural, dark, or white wood, as well as less conventional options like acrylic or metal frames. Moreover, MixPlaces offers multiple orientations for your poster, including landscape, portrait, or square, and various sizes ranging from 18x24 in to 30x40 in to suit your needs. You can also choose the materials we use for your prints, such as wood hangers, matte posters, canvas, brushed aluminum, or even have your artwork printed directly on wood.

At MixPlaces, we understand that sustainability is essential for future travels. This means that we not only care about the environment, but also encourage our customers to keep making memories—and purchases—with sustainable practices in mind.  Our zero-waste practices include ethically sourcing the fibers we use for book covers, giving recycled wood a new life in our frames, and energy-saving servers that keep us online without warming up the planet. All of the paper we use in our products is certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning that you don’t need to worry about your prints decomposing, discoloring, or harming the planet you love to walk. With MixPlaces, you can fill your space with memories of the journeys you’ve taken while also doing your part to ensure future generations can go on those same adventures.