We See The Magic In
Every Moment

Other photo books have memories. MixPlaces has the stars as they were on your wedding day and a walk through the villa where you fell in love.

Unique Products

Take a 360-degree view of your memories with street maps, star maps, one-of-a-kind photo books, and more. 

Custom Made

Personalize your memories with color coordinating, stylistically matching design options and premium finishing materials.


Our easy-to-use Wall Art and Photo Book editor is available online and on any device so you can create beautiful memories in minutes.

Lifelong Memories Made in
Four Simple Steps

We can show you how to create something magical in minutes.

Look At the data points

When you look at a photograph, you may see a beautiful bride walking down the aisle. But what if you could stand on the altar where you took your vows? Your photos contain an invisible layer of information highlighting the smaller moments in your memories. We safely extract this information, called metadata so that you can experience the intimacy of those moments with all your senses.

Enhance Your Memories

Even with a photograph, it's difficult to recall the location of that restaurant where you all met in Florence. But a picture never forgets. MixPlaces safely and securely processes your data, using it to find geospatial information, elevation, historical moon phases, celestial information, past weather patterns, and so much more. We enhance your memories so you can travel through time — right back to that restaurant in Florence.

Enchance Your Memories

Design jaw dropping Art

The pictures of your cross-country tour are amazing, but are they immersive? What if you could create artwork filled with the joy, excitement, and even exhaustion of your travels? Upload your images to our editor and answer a few questions. Then watch our algorithm transform your data into gorgeous wall art or a beautiful photo book dotted with star maps, street maps, and coordinate posters that brings your itinerary to life.

Design jaw dropping Art

One of a kind products

Our simple-to-use editor guides you as you build incredible artwork that touches all of your senses. We start by safely extracting the invisible data hiding within your photos, and process that information while prioritizing your privacy. It finishes with color-coordinated, stylistically matching frames or books of your choosing, and the highest-quality paper and inks. And the best part? You can complete the whole process in minutes on any device. 

Your Story is extraordinary

Experience every moment with all of your senses.