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Transform your cherished memories into a unique and fully customizable coordinates art poster with MixPlaces. Mark the exact latitude and longitude of where your most special moments occurred with premium finishing materials. With our mobile app or web editor, easily personalize your coordinates art with custom colors, text, layout, and more. Add a touching message or mark the moment with the location's name and date, and finish your gift with the perfect canvas and hanging materials. Create a meaningful and unforgettable gift that will last for years to come. 

Easily create a personalized coordinates art poster with MixPlaces in three simple steps. Enter a special location using our mapping tools, personalize your artwork with editing tools, and choose from high-quality materials such as canvas, matte poster, and frames. Build a unique and beautiful coordinates art that tells your story and accent any home or office with MixPlaces.

Coordinates art posters are ideal for almost any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, or any meaningful event, and they make great gifts even if all you want to say is “thank you” or “I love you.” 

Guaranteed Premium Quality Prints: MixPlaces ensures an enjoyable and easy creation process that meets your expectations, with a commitment to your satisfaction. We take pride in creating premium quality coordinate art with only the finest materials, ensuring your cherished memories are preserved for years to come. Our passion for coordinate posters is reflected in our work, from high-quality printing to premium frames, creating keepsakes that are treasured additions to your life.

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Coordinates Art

Starting At $59.99

Design For Yourself

Whether you’re a modernist or
a minimalist, find designs for any taste.

Find Absolute Accuracy

Get accurate coordinates to any
exact location, no matter where in the world.

Leave A Message

Customize your print even further by adding
text to remind you of that special place.

Make Your Mark with
Coordinates Art

Personalize your custom coordinates gift with our spot-on,
easy-to-use tools that hit the mark every time!


Change Colors & Styles

Brighten your memories and add your own style.

Customize Your Text

Add a name, place or special message of your choosing.

Use Creative Font Styles

Make your words stand out with a variety of different fonts.

Select Multiple Layouts

Personalize your map with our most popular designs.

Change Colors & Styles

Brighten your memories and add your own style.

Customize Your Text

Add a name, place or special message of your choosing.

Use Creative Font Styles

Make your words stand out with a variety of different fonts.

Select Multiple Layouts

Personalize your map with our most popular designs.

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Amalia G.
Feb 18, 2023

I got my friend a coordinate art as a housewarming gift, and it was a huge hit! The minimalist design fits in perfectly with her decor and the personalization makes it a unique and thoughtful gift. The shipping was very fast. I will definitely be ordering more for future gifts!

Joe "chief" M.
Feb 03, 2023

Coordinate poster should have an “X” to mark the spot so I was a little upset with that at first. But the company was good and gave me a coupon for the misunderstanding. Overall I liked the coordinates because we marked the first place where we started our club and not a lot of companies give us DISCOUNTS. I say be more clear with your wording

Juan M.
Jan 27, 2023

It would be fantastic if they could add latitudinal adjustments or historical coordinate markers as I haven't seen any other app offering this feature yet. But it gets five stars from me because my girlfriend loved it!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are coordinates that pinpoint the exact location of every square inch of the planet. They are numbers that represent the latitude and longitude of a particular place. These numbers are used in GPS systems and mapping software to help people pinpoint their exact location on the planet. They are also used to measure distances and angles between two points on the Earth's surface. The coordinates for your most memorable spots are always the same, regardless of where you are from or where you are heading.

With a Coordinates poster, you can create magnificent Wall Art marking a special place's coordinates — the latitude and longitude —. Create a Coordinates Poster that welcomes family and guests to a new mom’s home. Create a poster that celebrates your marriage. Build a piece of art that uses the coordinates of where you got married. You can also use the coordinates of your home, especially if that’s where everyone goes for the holidays.

There are several types of coordinates art prints available, such as paper prints, canvas prints, and custom-made coordinates gifts.

A custom coordinate poster makes a beautiful piece of wall art and is a great way to share memories with someone special. Consider creating any of the following types of coordinate posters:

  • Where we met map
  • Where it all began map
  • Where we first kissed map
  • Our first-date map
  • Where we fell in love map
  • Where we got married map
  • Our first home map
  • Where baby took their first steps map
  • Travel maps for long journeys

And that's just a few of the many, many maps you can create with our Coordinate posters Wall Art builder for your home, office, Apartment, or Dorm.

Coordinate posters make great gifts for almost any occasion. They not only help you preserve and remember the past, they transport you back to a time and place where you can see, feel, and experience your memories like never before. Create a coordinate poster for almost any occasion, including:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Retirements
  • Newborn Announcements
  • Baby Milestones
  • Retirements
  • Birthdays
  • Travel
  • New Homes
  • And so Much More

Show that special someone in your life how much you love them, or preserve family memories in a whole new way with a street map print that last for generations.

Yes, you can customize a coordinates poster by choosing the location for the poster, as well as the size and style of the print.

Coordinates posters are personalized prints of latitude and longitude coordinates based on a location and date of your choice connected to a milestone, such as the birth of a child, a wedding, or a family vacation.

Enter the location and date, then use our design editor to select specific details for your poster. Easily customize the text, date, time, style, layout, format, and materials.

The materials used to create coordinates art vary, but typically include high-quality paper or canvas, and archival-grade inks to ensure long-lasting durability.