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Transform your cherished memories into a unique and fully customizable coordinates art poster with MixPlaces. Mark the exact latitude and longitude of where your most special moments occurred with premium finishing materials. With our mobile app or web editor, easily personalize your coordinates art with custom colors, text, layout, and more. Add a touching message or mark the moment with the location's name and date, and finish your gift with the perfect canvas and hanging materials. Create a meaningful and unforgettable gift that will last for years to come. 

Easily create a personalized coordinates art poster with MixPlaces in three simple steps. Enter a special location using our mapping tools, personalize your artwork with editing tools, and choose from high-quality materials such as canvas, matte poster, and frames. Build a unique and beautiful coordinates art that tells your story and accent any home or office with MixPlaces.

Coordinates art posters are ideal for almost any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, or any meaningful event, and they make great gifts even if all you want to say is “thank you” or “I love you.” 

Guaranteed Premium Quality Prints: MixPlaces ensures an enjoyable and easy creation process that meets your expectations, with a commitment to your satisfaction. We take pride in creating premium quality coordinate art with only the finest materials, ensuring your cherished memories are preserved for years to come. Our passion for coordinate posters is reflected in our work, from high-quality printing to premium frames, creating keepsakes that are treasured additions to your life.

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Coordinates Art

Starting At $59.99

Design For Yourself

Whether you’re a modernist or
a minimalist, find designs for any taste.

Find Absolute Accuracy

Get accurate coordinates to any
exact location, no matter where in the world.

Leave A Message

Customize your print even further by adding
text to remind you of that special place.

Make Your Mark with
Coordinates Art

Personalize your custom coordinates gift with our spot-on,
easy-to-use tools that hit the mark every time!


Change Colors & Styles

Brighten your memories and add your own style.

Customize Your Text

Add a name, place or special message of your choosing.

Use Creative Font Styles

Make your words stand out with a variety of different fonts.

Select Multiple Layouts

Personalize your map with our most popular designs.

Change Colors & Styles

Brighten your memories and add your own style.

Customize Your Text

Add a name, place or special message of your choosing.

Use Creative Font Styles

Make your words stand out with a variety of different fonts.

Select Multiple Layouts

Personalize your map with our most popular designs.

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Shauna O.
Mar 22, 2023

I tried to order coordinate art from a different site but it was HORRIBLE. the frame arrived broken and the print was pixelated and streaky. My husband found Mix Places and encouraged me to give it a chance. customizing the coordinates was simple, and the final product is a high-quality piece of art. it turned out exactly how I wanted it!

Khaled S.
Mar 19, 2023

The Coordinates Poster was the Perfect Addition to my Daughter's nursery. I was able to easily Customize it with the exact location of her Birthplace, and the final product was stunning. The paper is thick and high-quality, and the Design is simple yet beautiful. I Highly Recommend this Product!

Louise B.
Mar 11, 2023

Coordinates are such a cool and unique way to commemorate a special event or place. I ordered one for my wedding day and it turned out beautifully! It was pretty easy to customize with the exact coordinates of our ceremony location. It now hangs in our bedroom and brings back happy memories every time we see it. Thanks!!

Frequently Asked Questions

The latitude is a horizontal line that measures the distance north or south of the equator, while the longitude is a vertical line that measures the distance east or west of the Greenwich meridian in England. Cartographers, geographers, and others can use latitude and longitude together to locate points on the globe.

To describe a position on a geographic coordinate system, latitude and longitude are a pair of numbers (coordinates). Latitudes range from -90 to 90 degrees and longitudes range from -180 to 180 degrees. Washington DC, for example, has a latitude of 38.8951 and a longitude of -77.0364.

Yes, we offer responsibly sourced FSC-certified paper from sustainably managed forests. All products are produced in accordance with international and national product safety regulations. We always strive to use responsibly sourced materials. Our printed paper products and canvases are made from paper and wood from sustainably managed forests with a sustainable forest management system. We work with suppliers that offer high-quality products that we hope will be enjoyed and used repeatedly for an extended period.

Yes! All customers will receive a low-resolution proof that they must approve before the project is sent off for final production. This proof, which can't be printed or used as a final copy itself, is an opportunity to make sure you are happy with the final design. It's our way of helping you ensure everything is perfect.

While our wood frames usually come mounted, our metal frames come separate to avoid damages during shipping. If you've received an unmounted framed poster, assembling it is easy! Here are some instructions to help you mount your poster into the frame:

  1. Remove the packaging from the frame and locate the small metal tabs on the back of the frame.
  2. Bend the tabs through 90º.
  3. Once all the tabs have been lifted out of the way, the rear of the frame can be removed and the picture inserted into the frame. Replace the back of the frame and bend the tabs back down to hold the frame in position. 

Don't forget to remove the protective lining on the front of the glass!

How do I mount a poster into the frame?

All projects use archival quality ink, which includes durability and fade resistance, and museum-quality archival posters made on long-lasting matte (uncoated) archival paper. Our superior paper quality — 170 gsm / 65 lb — is certified to last 300 years, keeping your project alive for several lifetimes. Moreover, this poster paper is more yellowish (off-white) as no optical brighteners are used during production.