Paris Posters

Custom prints and stunning Paris posters for your home or office.
Our First Trip Poster - Street Map 4 Our First Trip Poster - Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
2023 Paris Marathon Poster - Route Map 3 2023 Paris Marathon Poster - Route Map
As Designed $59.99
As Designed $59.99
La Seine River through Paris in High Energy Poster 6 La Seine River through Paris in High Energy Poster
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Notre-Dame de Paris Poster - Street Map 5 Notre-Dame de Paris Poster - Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Rue Mouffetard Poster - Street Map 5 Rue Mouffetard Poster - Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Eiffel Tower Poster - Street Map 5 Eiffel Tower Poster - Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Paris in Dark Poster - Street Map 2 Paris in Dark Poster - Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Paris in Light Poster - Street Map 2 Paris in Light Poster - Street Map
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99
Paris Coordinates Poster 6 Paris Coordinates Poster
As Designed $69.99
As Designed $69.99

Map The Details

We employ high-quality map data that displays it all, from rivers to roundabouts.

Make It
Truly Yours

Add your own dates, times, and locations or import your data to create a meaningful, beautiful work of art.

Showcase Your Personality

Change layouts, colors, fonts, and many other elements and create an one-of-a-kind artwork as unique as you.

Customer Reviews

Camille V.
Jan 06, 2024

I love the flexibility of the map you can make. I hadn’t found another map that would allow me to add names and include so many locations

Cover - Street Map - Products images 1 Custom Map
Arturo David G.
Nov 06, 2023

Our home decor got a personal touch with the Mixplaces street map poster. Exceptional quality and a journey on our wall. We're in love with it!

Cover - Street Map - Products images 1 Custom Map
Mar 22, 2023

I tried to order coordinate art from a different site but it was HORRIBLE. the frame arrived broken and the print was pixelated and streaky. My husband found Mix Places and encouraged me to give it a chance. customizing the coordinates was simple, and the final product is a high-quality piece of art. it turned out exactly how I wanted it!

coordinate-products-image-1 Coordinates Art

Frequently Asked Questions

Paris Posters – Brighten Your Space with the City of Light

The City of Love, the City of Light, the Capital of Fashion.

Paris goes by many names, and it is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in the world. With its stunning architecture, rich history, and romantic atmosphere, it's no wonder that people from all over the globe are drawn to this magical city.

If you're a lover of all things Parisian, then why not bring a piece of this great city to your home with a personalized Paris Poster? At MixPlaces, we have a wide range of designs that you can customize to create a unique piece of art that pays homage to the city you love from anywhere in the world!

Personalized Paris Posters

Paris is a remarkable city, but the souvenirs you find scattered throughout it are underwhelming, to say the least. Mass produced magnets, keychains, and t-shirts just don’t cut it. But when you want to bring the beauty of Paris home, what other option do you have?

That’s where we come in. At MixPlaces, we understand that art is personal, which is why we offer a wide range of customizable designs for our Paris Posters.

Whether you want to capture the beauty of the Eiffel Tower or celebrate your favorite arrondissement, our user-friendly builder allows you to create a completely personalized piece of art that reflects your personal style and taste. From the colors and designs to the size and material, you have complete control over the look and feel of your Paris Poster.

Paris is about much more than fresh croissants and breathtaking streets—the city is home to millions and a dream to everyone else, and the love it harbors from visitors from around the world is indescribable.

The Beauty of Paris Posters

The city of Paris means different things for different people, and at MixPlaces, we just don’t see why every one of those people has to go home with the same exact souvenir on every visit. As we said, art is personal, and if it’s displayed in your own home, that statement is even truer.

Our Paris posters make the perfect addition to any space, not because they cater to Parisians, frequent travelers, or those who appreciate the city’s romantic atmosphere and rich cultural history. But rather because they’re meant to cater to you and your own relationship to the gorgeous City of Love.

If you need some ideas, here are a few Paris-themed suggestions to get you started:

  • A star map of the sky over your favorite day or night in the city of Paris.
  • A custom street map of your favorite park, restaurant, or area.
  • A landmark poster of your favorite monument, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe.

Paris Posters - Local Architecture

Paris is home to some of the world's most iconic landmarks, from the magnificent Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe to the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum. If you're a fan of Parisian architecture, then you'll love our range of personalized Paris Posters that celebrate the city's most famous landmarks.

Our Paris skyline posters are a popular choice, capturing the beauty of the city's most iconic buildings in stunning detail. You can customize your poster to feature your favorite landmarks or capture the view from your favorite spot in the city.

If you're looking for something a little different, why not opt for a poster that celebrates Paris's hidden gems, such as the charming streets of Montmartre or the picturesque alleyways of Le Marais?

For some more ideas, here’s a chart of some of Paris’s most sought after destinations:

Landmark Description
Eiffel Tower The iconic wrought-iron tower, built for the 1889 World's Fair, which has become the symbol of Paris itself.
Notre-Dame Cathedral A medieval Catholic cathedral located on the Île de la Cité in the 4th arrondissement of Paris.
Arc de Triomphe A monument that stands at the western end of the Champs-Élysées and honors those who fought and died for France.
Louvre Museum One of the world's largest and most famous museums, located in the Louvre Palace and home to the Mona Lisa.
Palace of Versailles A former royal residence located in Versailles, about 20 kilometers southwest of Paris.
Sacré-Cœur Basilica A Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, located on the highest point of the city in Montmartre.
Musée d'Orsay A museum that houses a large collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces.
Panthéon A building that was originally built as a church, but now functions as a mausoleum for famous French figures.

Designing a Personalized Paris Poster is Easy

At MixPlaces, we've made it easy for you to create a personalized Paris poster that captures the spirit of this great city. Our user-friendly builder allows you to choose from a wide range of designs and customize them to suit your style and taste. All it takes is X easy steps:

  1. Choose the type of poster you want to customize. Options may include landmarks, street maps, coordinates, and more.
  2. Once you've chosen your preferred design, click on the "Customize" button to open the customization interface and go to town on colors, styles, texts, and other personalization options!
  3. Pick the material you want your poster to be printed on. Options include matte paper, canvas, metal, or wood.
  4. Preview your customized poster to ensure you're satisfied with the final result.
  5. Once you're happy with your design, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  6. Sit back and wait for your personalized Paris poster to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Whether you want a poster that captures the beauty of Paris's architecture or celebrates your favorite memories of the city, our builder makes it easy to create a completely unique piece of artwork that you'll treasure for years to come.

Explore all the different types of posters we offer and discover what piece of art speaks to you! If you want to remember the night they proposed—or any other night of significance—we have Star Maps that show the exact position of the cosmos over the city of Paris on any specific date and time.

If you have any meaningful memory attached to a specific place, you can always carry its coordinates with you with our Coordinates Posters, which displays the exact longitude and latitude of that place you so love.

Paris Posters – A Piece of the City to Call Your Own

At MixPlaces, we're dedicated to providing our customers with a high-quality product that they'll love. That's why we offer a range of materials, formats, sizes, and colors for our Paris posters, so you can create a piece of art that perfectly fits your space and style.

But at MixPlaces, we’re also committed to being environmentally sustainable. We want our future generations to have the chance to experience the magical charm of Paris as well.

That's why we use Forest Stewardship Council certified paper for all of our prints and eco-friendly packaging materials. We also use energy-efficient printers that minimize waste, and our wood frames are made from recycled materials.

This means you can feel good knowing that your personalized Paris poster is not only a beautiful addition to your home, but also an environmentally responsible choice.

Bring a piece of the City of Light to your home with a personalized Paris poster from MixPlaces. Create a unique piece of art that captures the spirit and beauty of this iconic city and enjoy it for years to come.